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Front lower Brick Arch

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

This part is completely optional and mainly just for making the front of the construction looking nice. I think its worth the effort, as it adds a nice entrance to the storage spare under the oven for wood.

I made a template our of wood to support the brick arch while it is constructed and dries.

Wooden Template for Arch

Arch in place supported on loose bricks, ready to start.

Ready to start

Lay bricks following the curve of the template you made.

First couple of brick are layed

All bricks laid for arch.


Wooden template removed, you can see I have started to fill the front with cut bricks to make the wall. I cut bricks with angle grinder and stone cutting wheel.

Template removed

Almost bricked up

Bricks layed and cleaned up, I also cut a small bit of brick to make the middle a bit more attractive where bricks did not line up. You may of course be more acurate then me!

Nearly done

View of front


View from back

Back of arch